Monday, February 23, 2009

important questions from Feistygirl

"What do dinosaurs smell like?"


"Is God a mammal?"


Stephanie said...

Those are great!
I'm not sure I want to smell a dinosaur :)

Jared asked me who created God.

Sarah Valeri said...

Has she ever smelled Tootie? I bet they smelled like that. I bet T Rex was pretty stinky, cause of all that meat breath!!

Glad to see you are up and able to type again!

Anastasia said...

My niece is clearly intelligent!! She will not be like some of my friends. I have to tell a story:

Several weeks ago, one of my friends excitedly told me she was going to get a goat - she'd just moved to the country. The next day she stopped by anxiously to ask me if she really had to milk the goat every day. I said yes, and not only that, but at the same time in the morning and evening, or the goat would stop giving milk. Later that evening, it occurred to me that I wondered if she knew that the goat gave milk because it had a baby. So, when I saw her next, I said "you do realize that the goat has to have a baby to give milk?" She was quite surprised to hear that.

Later, I told this story to another friend, a friend with a biology and nursing degree. She laughed, and then she said: "Well, it's understandable though, because cows don't, do they?"

Funnygirl is already differentiating mammals from God. Yay Funnygirl!!!!

the good life mama said...

I love these questions! Never stop questioning, Feistygirl!

Hope to see you all very soon--Heather and crew

Sarah said...

Pray that she never stop questioning! Way awesome, girl!