Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolution

Mmmmkay.... I realize that New Year's Resolutions are entirely conventional. Yes, occasionally I do things just like everybody else! I don't always have to rock the boat....no, really, I don't!!


I just think that resolutions should be about something FUN. No more of this losingweightgettingorganizedshavingmylegsmorelearninghowtochangemycarsoilstraightenupandflyright stuff. Hilaree's official New Year's Resolution is to.....


I also think they should be short. And rejuvenating.

What's yours?


Stephanie said...

LOL! I don't usually make resolutions but I realized that I need to keep in touch with my family more than once or twice a year so I'm planning to work on that :)

kcrisp said...

Well, my resolution was GOING to be 'shaving my legs more'...back to the drawing board...

Hilaree said...

kcrisp, do you EVER shave your legs? Come on now...be honest. We're all friends here.

You make me snort with laughter.

And Stephanie, thanks for stopping by again! I'm going to hold you to your resolution. Ok, no, I'm not. :)

Anastasia said...

I should probably resolve to shave my legs LESS. Or at least go a whole day without showering every once in a while. But that's not going to happen. So instead I think I'll resolve to keep reading. By the way, LOVE the scarecrow. Her purse is fantastic.

Hilaree said...

Anastasia! You are too funny, my sweet girl. You've got the right idea - resolve to continue to keep doing something you love and are already doing a lot! Potential for success!

You should know that Lily, the scarecrow, also shaves her legs every day, so don't feel too bad about it. When you're that glamorous, there's minimums to keep up with.

Radical Unschoolers Live in FREEDOM said...

I don't believe in making resolution. However, I do set short term, achievable/realistic goals--partly because I'm impulsive...and I like instant gratification just as my precious children.

Have you tried making ATC cards or quilt postcards? They are small and addictive to make--kids of all ages may do them. We are a part of Imagination Tribe who swap regularly--all are homeschoolers who attends/have attended unschooling conferences.

www.fairystitch.blogspot.com (the other me)

Hilaree said...

Hi Sarah!

I HAVE made some ATCs and I love it! I would totally adore trading them with others. We have an unschooling conference coming up in May here in New England...maybe I should see if I can get that going there. Give me a reason to start creating!