Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feminists for Life

If you're a happily voting, free-to-be you woman, take a moment and thank God for Susan B. Anthony. After you're through with that, take another moment and consider that not only was she pro-woman, she was also pro-child. Beginning in the womb. Check out this wonderful stuff for sale at Feminists for Life...especially the Susan B. Anthony quote on the mug.

I love their key phrase on the website - "There has to be a better way." We CAN be both pro-woman and pro-child.


moosetress said...

Hilaree---this blog is wonderful! I am really enjoying travelling around in it and checking out your many useful and lovely links. I will be back for more. Love ya and God's Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Joanie.

Anastasia said...

Hil- thanks for this, it is a perfect reminder for these days. Stasia

Hilaree said...

Thanks Joan and Stasia! Can I just say how much I get a big kick out of you guys visiting my blog AND commenting?! I really appreciate it. Love to both of you.

Stasia...see you tomorrow! Yippee!

Also...I am trying to post more often, with new pictures of the trundling toddlers. Peace.

Stephanie said...

I have never ever thought of myself as a feminist... I guess I have some homework to do :)

I did check out these sights and it's not what I thought feminism meant. I always thought it was so anti man, anti mother that I never thought much about it.

Thanks, Like I didn't have enough to think about, LOL!

curious said...


This website seems like it wants to be hopeful, but if you believe you really are going to accomplish anything, better to be practical. Lobby your butts off to get birth control made free and accessible, make sure that emergency contraception is available over the counter. Men's contraceptives are available but no one wants to use them.. Write to your state and request that students have access to comprehensive and medically factual sex ed. Teen pregnancies are on the rise and more teenagers are getting AIDS because they don't know how to use condoms.
I also think that if you want to end poverty, inequality and domestic violence, sure that might end the urgency some women feel to have an abortion. But if you want to do those things you need to allow women to have some control over their lives. Our government would prefer to punish people rather than give them the means to avoid dire situations.
Am I the only one who has really frustrated with the implication that "once women are happy they will all suddenly realize that they want to be pregnant"? I know a lot of great women who are caring nurturing people who lead very meaningful lives without becoming mothers. In fact many of them spend a lot of time nurturing those children whose parents really really didn't want to have them. This may come off as acidic, but fairytales get us nowhere.

kcrisp said...

Dear Curious, Just so you know, your comment did sound very negative. I don't think that anyone here is suggesting that all happy women are mothers. I think that many of them are mothers but I for one am not. I also don't think that any of this is a fairytale...Hilaree is raising awareness about topics that are important to her and celebrating her family. While every person can not tackle every problem, we have to affect change when and where we can. That's not a just is.
I wish you luck and energy in your pursuits and encourage you to explore the sex ed angle. I agree that our children are not being educated well about their bodies and the realities of our world.

Thank you, kcrisp

kcrisp said...

TO everyone...

I posted my last comment in response to curious' comment. I now know that I misunderstood the intent of that comment. When curious wrote 'this website', I assumed that curious was referring to Hilaree's site. Actually, the site in question was the Feminists For Life site. I encourage you all to take a look around that site and make your own decisions.
And let's all continue to meet here at Unconventional Christian!


Hilaree said...

WOW! I'm just so honored that my site is engendering such honest, passionate discussion. I really appreciate everyone's time and effort here. And a special thank you to kcrisp for rushing to my defense! I always appreciate the safety net of friendship you provide our family.

And thank you, curious, for bringing me to task. I should have posted a bit more articulately about the website. Mostly I wanted to shine a spotlight on the fact that Feminists for Life are starting to address the near-complete uselessness of black and white thinking when it comes to the complicated, heartwrenching issue of unwanted pregnancy and uncared for mothers and children. Also, the sanctity of life, and what that means. Their website is lacking in some ways, especially in useful solutions for certain situations. However, I appreciate and honor their voice and effort in reminding us that feminism is FOR EVERYONE! With or without children, married or not, career or not...feminism is about equality. And thank you, too, curious, for your undying friendship as well!

Hilaree said...


I always love when you post - I hear you, though, "Like I didn't have enough to think about!" Sigh. Isn't that the truth? Sometimes I wish I could just be ignorant. It would be so much easier! Let's just remember that God did not give us a spirit of timidity! Thank you so much for visiting my blog.