Friday, July 23, 2010

you asked for it

This was taken back in April when we were just moving into our new house...but its the best picture I have of the ornateness. Note the phoenixlike creatures hovering at the top of the sconce panels. I can't believe I live in a house where the species of my sconce panel creatures is up for discussion.
For my birthday it is all coming down, people.
We're not even going to mention the purple rug.


Anastasia said...

Yay! Oh the dramas that could be enacted in that room. The dress-ups, the jewels, the fancy shoes! Now, please don't forget to show us an after picture too, someday.

Hilaree said...

Drama indeed. You'll happily note Feistygirl indoctrinating her younger sister on the art of impromptu candlelit meal.