Friday, September 5, 2008

Election stuff

Sarah Palin...she irritates me. She reminds me of the smile-to-your-face, snicker-about-you-behind-your-back teenage girls that harrassed me through elementary and junior high school. Click on the link on her name above and read some interesting exaggerations from her speech at the convention.

No, this is not how I base my voting. It's just my blog and I'll whine if I want to.


Stephanie said...

I kind of like her, at least some aspects and especially her attitude :)

Sarah Valeri said...

hi Hilaree,

I think it's perfectly fine to decide against voting for someone because they have to make up credentials when they don't have any.
Sarah Palin is the governor that I wrote to contesting her decision to spend $400,000 of state taxpayers money to create a propaganda in support of the aerial hunting of wolves.
As far as her "experience" she has none. She does not run an oil company, she does not deal with foreign relations with Russia, and Alaska is a big state, but it has EXTREMELY few people!! The competition for governor has to be pretty small.
My hope is that Americans will be smart citizens and rather than listening to hear smarmy sass they will look at the facts of her voting record. Do we really believe that the Iraq war is a "task from God" (a quote from Ms Palin).
McCain thinks he will lure staunch Clinton supporters away from Obama with a woman candidate. Great, nice consolation prize, replace someone who had real experience with someone who got an opportunity tossed in her lap for no reason other than demographics. Palin isn't cracking any glass ceiling, she's taking a ride on McCain's coattails. If he really wanted to appeal to the women who want change he would have picked someone stronger with her own set of longstanding credentials. She is nothing but a VP dolly. Mccain doesn't strike me as someone who would be able to handle a working relationship with a capable woman.
I also have to say that Separation of Church and State is very important! She clearly has negelected to read the constitution that protects our rights and makes it possible for her to speak her mind and everyone else, too. No one can truly dictate spiritual growth for others no matter how they try. believe me I have been hoping and praying that Sarah Palin would grow up for a long time and nothing has happened. She is as self righteous as ever. Remember, the nazis also thought they were the only people who were right.
Anyway, don't listen to me (except for the consitution part, that's serious for ALL of us!) LISTEN TO THE FACTS!!!

Anonymous said...,0,7915118.story

Hey there,

I don't know if the link will work in the comments area, but this is a really great objective article by Gloria Steinem in the LA Times.

Anastasia said...

Hil - it's SO interesting to me that you posted this, because I was just resisting the urge to post the exact same thing on my brand new facebook page. She irritates me too, and this is the point in the elections where it all goes down hill, everyone says things about one another, and people react emotionally (I know I do). Again, not really a political comment but something at the top of my mind right now. Lipstick schmiptstick.


Hilaree said...

Thank you so much, women, for continuing to read my blog and to comment. I think one of the most difficult aspects of Palin's history is the fact that when she was mayor, she approached the town librarian to find out how she could go about banning books that she and some of her constituents found offensive. This scares me so much. Let's all read up on our Bradbury (Farhenheit 451) and our Huxley (Brave New World) I wake up in the middle of the night in panic, thinking that if McCain as president dies, that she would be in charge. For people who value freedom, intellectual freedom through reading is so valuable. I continue to trust that God is in control, no matter what happens.

Sarah Valeri said...

I don't think the reaction to Palin is due to a heated period in the election. I have written to her many times before this in response to her environmental policies as I have disagreed with her voting records and policies since she became governor.
I think people have a strong reaction because she represents people who want to retract our rights as set in the constitution on the basis of their personal beliefs. It's a very serious thing to consider. Sure we could still choose to read or write whatever we want but what if you could be legally punished for it?

MainelyMama said...

Couldn't agree with you more! If I hear one more comment about her proving that anyone can be VP I'll gag. I don't want ANYONE for VP, especially not VP to a man who would be the oldest president we've had an has a history of marginal health (to put it very mildly). The thought of her so close to the presidency scares me beyond words. I don't care that she's a woman, she doesn't share any of my values - I wouldn't vote for her just because she has mammary glands too. She doesn't even use them the way I do. ;)